Cable hanger

This is how one can construct a rather useful cable hanger from some random stuff.

A metal spring and a 1 m piece of molding, with screw holes at both ends

The spring is from an old Hewlett-Packard scanner, where its function was to guide and protect cables running inside it.

The spring attached with a screw. Note the edge, against which the spring is resting.

Cotton string

Wrapping the spring in place with cotton string. The spring is resting against the edge in the moulding

The function of the cotton string is to pull the spring against the moulding, so that the edge can better support the spring and the weight of cables. Before wrapping, it may be safest to secure the other end of the spring with some duct tape.

Drill holes for wall attachment, at the ends

Drill holes for wall attachment, in the middle

The rack on the wall with some audio cables and USB cables hung from it

From this kind of a rack it is easy to get a picture of what kind of cables are available with just a quick glance.

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