Is this site safe?

As far as I know, is safe to visit. But I've had some problems with anti-malware or Internet security companies categorizing as malicious. So far these have been false alerts.


Currently I have no problems with McAfee's SiteAdvisor. I recall I had to ask for a re-evaluation once.

McAfee believes my site is safe


Then Webroot started blocking Facebook links to, citing "SPAM LINKS" and "infection". You can check your own site and ask for re-evaluation here.

Webroot claims my site is infected.

Immediately after submitting the database change requests, I got a few e-mails like these:


Thanks for submitting your suggestion of to BrightCloud's Database Change process. We will email you again after we review your suggestion. We evaluate all requests and typically update our data and service if necessary within 24 - 48 hours.

- BrightCloud Team Questions? Suggestions? Need help? Contact us at [CENSORED]

Within 24 hours they updated the evaluation in their database:

After complaining to them about it, Webroot now believes my site is "trustworthy".


With Google I've never had any false alerts. Their reports, accessible through Webmaster Tools seem the best judged.

Google finds no problems at Sometimes they recommend a WordPress upgrade, which is nice.


I looked for other companies that might prevent access to for some people. This turned out Websense:

Websense wouldn't allow students on my site

As instructed, (after registering) I tried to access the Site LookUp Tool to request a change. But I wasn't allowed to:

Websense didn't allow me to request a re-evaluation of

They gave an alternative to send a request by e-mail, and I did that, by writing them this:


My site, appears to be blocked to students by Websense. Would you please review this as there are very informative technical articles there.


They immediately sent a confirmation e-mail, and within two days I got an e-mail saying they have re-categorized


The site you submitted has been reviewed and assigned the following category: - Educational Materials

Categorization updates should be reflected in the next scheduled database publication, and will be available shortly to Real-Time Updates subscribers.

Thank you for your inquiry,

Lorna Websense Labs

Ask and you shall be given:

Now students get to hang out on


Norton thinks is OK:

No troubles with Norton/Symantec


F-secure doesn't make a hasty judgement:

F-Secure doesn't know what is about

Let's rush the issue by clicking on the "Site Owner Feedback" link offered:

I'd say it's safe. They also asked for my name and e-mail address.

After a couple of days:

F-secure thinks is safe

Trend Micro

I know some have problems with Trend Micro, which is used by Facebook, but I don't:

Trend Micro thinks is OK.