Adlib / OPL2 / YM3812

This page is devoted to the classic PC soundcard, Adlib, and compatibles.

Reverse-engineering report


Me and Matthew Gambrell reverse-engineered the YM3812/YMF262 ROM tables. These are the pictures we took:

ymf262ym3812ym3812_rom3_2ym3812_rom1_explainym3812_rom1_1 v2bymf262_rom1ymf262_idym3812_rom3_1ym3812_rom2_2ym3812_rom2_1ym3812_rom1_2ym3812_id2ym3812_id1

The bits of dirt are from my fingers, sorry about that.

See also: Yamaha YMF262 die images.

Exponential table functionality test

Here's an Excel file that shows how to use the exponential table.



Adlib-DigiSnap (ads.pdf) is a device that is capable of recording Adlib (OPL2/YM3812) digitally. Want to build one? Now you can! You will also need the PCB film and the MSDOS driver (with source code, also a newer version 2009/01/11 with everything for compiling it is here).

Adlib Megamix  1

Here (

      1. mp3
) is a mashup of Adlib songs that I like, recorded using Adlib-Digisnap.