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  1. I installed the program and the driver. I ran the 64 bit driver as well. The camera shows up in device manager, but the software cannot initialize the microscope. In the Driver folder there is Vista driver, which is where the 64 bit driver is, I am curious if this driver works on Windows 7 and if people were able to get this software package to work on Windows 7?

  2. I had same problem as Ross. I tried switching computer and system, it still does not work. Plz help out.

  3. I upgraded to 64-bit Windows 10 and cannot get it to work anymore either. I don’t think a 64-bit Windows driver exists for the Empia Technology EM2750 chip that is inside the microscope. I tried a few drivers (for older Win) made for other cameras but they did not work. Maybe better luck on the Linux side?

  4. Thanks for making the software available, I can´t find the original disk and was hoping.

    I just tried out the standard driver on a 32bit XP machine I use for older equipment. No matter what I do the Windows “USB Video device” driver is installed. The original driver that came with the microscope was badly written and required the scope to be connected when installing the driver and then was fixed to that hardware port i.e. you could not move the scope connector to a different port. This fact may be involved in the problems experienced, fifteen years ago the idea of connecting a “USB Video device” to a PC was not in the public domain as far as I know. If I can find the original driver and if I am successful in installing it I will be back.

    The windows USB Video driver works well with the microscope but so far I can only capture pictures and will it not cooperate with the Chinese viewer.

  5. Yes! I found my copy of the original CD for the GE5. The version is Scopeimage 9.01 and it runs on a 32 bit XP machine if you stick to the same USB port (or reinstall the driver). I have not tried any other OS, so far.
    The viewer starts in Chinese menus but if you prefer English its under the fourth tab from the left, third item down after the chevrons (?)
    The whole disk is about 92Mb uncompressed and I will share if anyone still wants a copy.

  6. You may have luck running it on an virtual machine (try VMWare Player) with older Windows.

  7. Thanks for the driver. My AIGO G5 is now working. One point to note is that most of the PC is now running an OS with 64 bit, the driver will not work. So, we need to find an os with 32 bit to operate the scope.

  8. buenas oy estudiante de universidad y tengo un GE-5 pero no se como conectarlo al computador o que necesito para ello

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