Aigo GE-5 Driver

Created by Olli Niemitalo on 2014-01-31, last modified 2014-01-31

I bought an Aigo GE-5 microscope years ago. If someone needs, here is the driver for it.


Thanks to Pauli for salvaging this from the CD my CD drive could no longer read.


  1. Helped me out alot … many thanks.


    Comment by Zye — 2014-02-11 @ 16:59

  2. I ca´nt start GE-5!

    Comment by Andre Dudnik — 2014-02-26 @ 18:08

  3. I installed the program and the driver. I ran the 64 bit driver as well. The camera shows up in device manager, but the software cannot initialize the microscope. In the Driver folder there is Vista driver, which is where the 64 bit driver is, I am curious if this driver works on Windows 7 and if people were able to get this software package to work on Windows 7?

    Comment by Ross — 2014-07-01 @ 23:21

  4. I had same problem as Ross. I tried switching computer and system, it still does not work. Plz help out.

    Comment by Leon — 2016-07-27 @ 22:55

  5. I upgraded to 64-bit Windows 10 and cannot get it to work anymore either. I don’t think a 64-bit Windows driver exists for the Empia Technology EM2750 chip that is inside the microscope. I tried a few drivers (for older Win) made for other cameras but they did not work. Maybe better luck on the Linux side?

    Comment by Olli Niemitalo — 2016-09-17 @ 10:22

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